Wezembeek-Oppem, Belgique

Krystian Slokotowicz

Présentation du joueur

Hello, my name is Krystian Slokotowicz and I’m playing in the KFC Wezembeek-Oppem football club.

I have a lot of qualities like my speed and my agility. But want to make better my controls in the air because sometimes the ball go to far of me. I began “my football career” at age of 6 years old boy. I played forward then the trainer take me as defender and I don’t know why at age of 13 years old boy. Now I’m still playing as defender in first team of my club and I’m only 16 years old.


I wish that you appreciate.

KFC Wezembeek-Oppem Équipe première

Better season than the last one

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